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Steve Rhodes

Growing up my next door neighbor was an Indy car racer and builder. I spent countless hours in his garage watching him work, learning about the construction of automobiles, and learning about performance and products. The time in my neighbor’s garage was the beginning of a lifelong appreciation and fascination with cars.

I believe in taking good care of what we work hard to attain. We spend a lot of time in our cars. We also invest a lot of money in purchasing high quality, safe, reliable cars for our families. Taking excellent care of our vehicles ensures their comfort, longevity and equity. Detail Auto Pros was born out of a passion for caring for vehicles in order to support peace of mind and quality of life for their owners.

Owners Steve and Natalie Rhodes Auto Detailing Pros

Steve and Natalie Rhodes

It’s important to me to use eco-friendly products and employ leading edge techniques to achieve the best possible results. The mobile service makes it that much easier for customers to take good care of their vehicles while maintaining busy, full lives. I look forward to connecting with you and providing high quality, stress free mobile auto detailing services for your vehicle.

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